ISA World Bodyboard Championship: in flight mode

Pro bodyboarders from nine countries will ride the ISA World Bodyboard Championship 2013, at Playa Parguito, Margarita Island, Venezuela, between October 12th-19th.

Playa Parguito is a famous beach break, with fast and strong waves, with occasional bigger tubes, perfect for bodyboarding. The waves can reach over 6 feet, with an average of 3-4 feet year round.

Team Brazil and Eder Luciano will return to Venezuela to defend their 2012 bodyboarding titles.

Each National Team consists of seven athletes competing in the following categories: Open Men (3), Open Women (1), Junior Under-18 Boys (1) and Junior Under-18 Girls (1), Open Dropknee (1).

The ISA ISA World Bodyboard Championship gets the best bodyboarders competing for their National Teams, in an Olympic-style event, where the team with the most amount of points, according to each individual division placing, will be crowned Team Champions.

The third edition of the ISA World Bodyboard Championship will officially open with the traditional Parade of the Nations and Sand of the World ceremony, at Juan Griego, one of the most ancient cities on the island.

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