Sumol Nazaré Special Edition: tasting the power of Praia do Norte

The 2014 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition will hit Praia do Norte, Portugal, between January 3rd-30th.

The 6th edition of the big wave bodyboarding contest will gather the 24 best planetary chargers, in the iconic spot of Praia do Norte, home to the biggest waves in the world.

With a 27-day waiting period, the 2014 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition promises to crown a new champion in the local ocean canyon.

The bodyboarding event is open to underdogs, too. The Special Trials will see 12 riders battling for a place in the main event. The trialists will ride for glory between December 21st-22nd.

The Sumol Nazaré Special Edition is run every two years, in the winter swell season in Portugal. The winner of the 2012 edition was Pierre-Louis Costes, who has already been confirmed in the 2013 edition.

"You have to be physicaly ready to face the ocean and be able to deal with powerful rips, waves, sometimes winds, it is the hardest wave I ever surfed", says the Frenchman.

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