IBA World Tour: the world bodyboarding circuit based on the previous season's results

The top 24 bodyboarders of the 2014 Grand Slam Series IBA World Tour has been announced.

The world bodyboarding circuit which crowns champions based on the previous season's results, has confirmed the namesĀ in the upcoming 2014 IBA World Tour.

"Of special note is the continued success of long term tour professionals Mike Stewart and Guilherme Tamega, again securing a place in the Top 24", the IBA statement refers.

Ryan Hardy, Jake Stone and Roberto Bruno are back in the elite 24, while Dallas Singer returns as an injury wildcard, after suffering a wave pool accident in Chile.

New to the IBA World Tour are Babby Quinones and Sergio Alonzo - first ever Puerto Rican and Venezuelan in the top 24, respectively. Dave Hubbard is the only rider to secure a spot on two IBA divisions - Grand Slam Series and Drop-Knee.

The 2014 IBA World Tour schedule will be announced in the next weeks.

The Top 24 of the 2014 IBA World Tour

Ben Player (Australia)
Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion)
Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii)
Dave Winchester (Australia)
Pierre Louis Costes (France)
Guilherme Tamega (Brazil)
Eder Luciano (Brazil)
Dallas Singer (Australia)
Jake Stone (Australia)
Alan Munoz (Chile)
Dave Hubbard (Hawaii)
Magno Passos (Brazil)
Uri Valadao (Brazil)
Ryan Hardy (Australia)
Alex Uranga (Spain)
Mike Stewart (Hawaii)
Lachlan Cramsie (Australia)
Brahim Iddouch (Morocco)
Lucas Nogueira (Brazil)
Helliton Loureiro (Brazil)
Roberto Bruno (Brazil)
Babby Quinones (Puerto Rico)
Iian Campbell (Sth Africa)
Sergio Alonzo (Venezuela)

Alternates listed in order

Yoan Florantin (Reunion)
Jacob Romero (Hawaii)
Adnane Benslimane (Morocco)
George Humphreys (Australia)

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