A bodyboarding adventure in an African shore break

January 10, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Africa: plenty of juicy shore breaks available

Jonathan Bernon and Greg Vorster have released a video featuring an interesting shore break adventure along the African coastline.

Shore breaks are fun and dangerous, at the same time. It's a give-and-take game. Riding with your slick against the sand is not for all, but some bodyboarders are not willing to miss an opportunity.

This time, Jonathan Bernon and Greg Vorster traveled to a spot, somewhere in the African coastline, where uncrowded shore breaks and desert beaches greet you with a smile.

Jonathan Bernon and Greg Vorster come from South Africa. They share the passion for fast barrels in heavy shore breaks, even if a good wipeout comes included in the fun package.

The footage captured by Emilie Ouellette and Rudi Standler has been named "African Shorebreak V1.0". Can you find the spot? Hint: it is located North to one of the waves they grew up surfing.

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