A bodyboarding journey with "The 8"

July 23, 2014 | Bodyboarding
The 8: attacking the shorebreak

"The 8" is the second bodyboarding movie from Will Hodgett.

For two years, Will Hodgett captured the beauty of bodyboarding in his video camera. He traveled with the world's best riders to the most amazing beach breaks and wedges. Now, he's ready to show us his game.

A cube has eight vertices, "The 8" features eight personalities who have changed the sport of bodyboarding, in recent times. They represent different styles, random generations and a few nationalities.

Jase Finlay, Ben Player, Sacha Specker, Tom Rigby, James Kates, Cade Sharp, Nick Gornall, Jeff Hubbard are ready to pump your adrenaline, out in the big screen. If you loved "The Mega Movie" - also filmed by Hodgett - this one's even better.

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