A boogie journey into the pristine waves of Hawaii

December 13, 2018 | Bodyboarding
Hawaii: Michael Novy, Joe Clarke, and Jones Russell explore the Seven Mile Miracle

Oh, Hawaii... The archipelago of perfect waves, volcanic backgrounds, and beautiful people.

There have been thousands of surf videos shot in the islands of Aloha, but there's always room for another one. This time, "Hawaii" is a boogie thing.

Michael Novy, Joe Clarke, and Jones Russell booked a ticket to the ultimate surfing destination and made sure to tick all the infamous boxes of the North Shore of Oahu during the last winter season.

The trio explored the Seven Mile Miracle and found waves of all types breaking under sharp reefs and fine white sands. 

"The season wasn't as good as it has been in other years. The winds were pretty bad, kind of cross-shore," explains Michael Novy.

"But it was good to travel with the other guys. We had a little house close to Pipe. It was easy to go out and check the waves. We were all keen to get out when it was good."

The truth is that, from a spectator's perspective, the boys had a great time. Watch how they get pitted at Pipeline, and make it look easy.

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