A snowy barreling feast on the East Coast

February 16, 2015 | Bodyboarding
East Coast: snow means bodyboarding

At the end of his search, Kyle Latch sighed with relief. Despite the snow and low temperatures, he found the waves he wanted. And then he shared it with an envious world.

Latch is absolutely right when he says "cold keeps a lot of people away, but it can still get crowded sometimes." In fact, wave riding is getting more and more popular everywhere in the planet.

So, "when the storms come, it is time to search for waves. It's been a winter wonderland up here with swell after swell. When the snow starts dumping, it's time to hop into the 6/5mm hooded full suit with some 7mm boots and mittens."

East Coast is dreamland. For bodyboarders and surfers. In wintertime, the region is on the hands of the Atlantic Ocean humor, especially when the Nor'easter and Juno make an unexpected appearance.

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