Ben Mackinnon: training your muscles for the El Rollo

Ben Mackinnon has developed a specific physical training program for bodyboarders.

The sport of bodyboarding demands proper workout routines. You can't just paddle out and pull the most complex maneuvers without warming up.

If you really want to keep developing your bodyboarding skills, you must embed physical exercises in your life in order to keep your muscles and lungs ready for action.

Ben Mackinnon, a New Zealand bodyboarder, aimed to be one of the best wave riders in the world. It was not possible.

In his career, he had to fight rheumatic fever, chronic ear infections, heart disorders, and even osteoarthritis of the spine.

In 2007, the Kiwi rider decided he would only enjoy the free surfing pleasures of bodyboarding, but four years later, he added a positive and constructive side to it - Boogerbod.

"There was yoga, gym, stretching, running, but nothing that gave riders the best 'bang for their buck' in one workout. The philosophy of BoogerBod is 'specificity'", explains Ben Mackinnon.

The bodyboarder developed a series of bodyboarding workout exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. The program promises to improve strength and flexibility.

Lilly Pollard, William Nepia-Murray, Lauren Frost, and Richard McKenna will also be providing tips in Ben's videos.

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