Adam Keegan: getting those rails locked in

Adam Keegan and Shauna Gillett have taken out the 2014 Australian Bodyboard Titles in four-foot waves at Gallows Beach, New South Wales.

Keegan, a former pro bodyboarder from Mount Coolum, won the Senior Mens division in the dying minutes of the inaugural Wahu Australian Bodyboard Titles held in Coffs Harbour.

"This is the first time I've competed in national titles in close to 20 years, so I'm stoked to win it. I guess my main plan out there was to just get two good waves. Fortunately, I got that last wave in the final minutes to get the win," says Adam Keegan.

In the Junior Women's division, Sam Gillett defeated her sister Teigen and Sophie Leathers to claim the title. Gillett also shared a combined heat with her mum, Shauna, who won the Open Women's final.

"I just wanted to catch as many waves as I could and try my hardest on them. My sister and I always surf together, so it's usually pretty competitive, but it was also great sharing a heat with my Mum. I know she was sitting on a different part of the break, but it was still good having her out there with us," added Gillett.

Dion Myers conquered the highly competitive Drop Knee division after a solid performance that included barrel rides and solid turns.

The local bodyboarder posted a nine-point ride for a solid barrel, which gave him the upper hand over all of his fellow competitors in the final.

"This is my first national title, so I couldn't be happier. This is something I've always dreamt of doing, but I've been out of the scene for around ten years, so it's great to be back," concluded Myers.

2014 Wahu Australian Bodyboard Titles

Senior Men: Adam Keegan (Mt. Coolum, Qld)
Masters: Luke Jackson (Enoggera, Qld)
Grand Masters: Steve Watson (Blairgowrie, Vic)
Junior Women: Sam Gillett (Martinsville, NSW)
Open Women: Shauna Gillett (Martinsville, NSW)
Drop Knee: Dion Myers (North Boambee Valley, NSW)

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