Adam Morley wins 2011 Sintra Portugal Pro Trials

August 25, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Adam Morley: stoked in sunny Portugal

Adam Morley has taken out the 2011 Sintra Portugal Pro trials in very contestable 1.5 meter waves at Praia Grande. Morley managed to link up clean air-roll-spin to roll combinations throughout the day, securing him a well deserved 2000 points towards his 2012 Grand Slam qualification campaign.

Morley is looking good to qualify for the 2012 GSS, requiring only one good result in a standalone GQS event, very achievable at the next Qualifying IBA event in early September at Ferrol, Spain.

“I am so stoked to win today’s trials, but now the real work starts. It will be epic to have three South African’s in a Grand Slam event. I look forward to surf against and with Jerry and Ben in my first heat”, Morley commented.

Morley will face fellow South African, Jared Houston, 2x World Champion, Ben Player and trials runner up, Kevin Orihuela in heat 3 of the Grand Slam event.

Top 24 rider Dave Hubbard will not be competing in the Sintra Portugal Pro, making an extra slot available in the main event. Taking the nine available slots in the GSS main event, will be the top 7 placed riders of the trials and the 2 wildcards.


1. Adam Morley (ZAF)
2. Kevin Orihuela (CNY)
3. Airam Cabrera (CNY)
4. Sergio Alonzo (VEN)
5. Roberto Bruno (BRA)
6. Jones Russel (AUS)
7. Luis Villar (BRA)


1. Julien Miramont (FRA)
2. Goncalo Faria (POR)

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