Aerial mode activated in Puerto Escondido

October 4, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Puerto Escondido: perfect barrels for perfect riders

Mark McCarthy stands out at the IBA Zicatela Pro 2012, as Round 5 of competition ran to completion, at Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

The South African bodyboarder posted the highest heat total and the highest single wave score of the event so far, with a 9.68-point ride in Round 3.

McCarthy later won his Round 4 heat with a combination of barrels and high flying aerial maneuvers, leapfrogging him directly into the quarterfinals where he is guaranteed nothing less than a 5th place finish.

The remaining Round 4 heat winners were current number 1 seed Dave Winchester, Jared Houston and Brazil's Magno Passos who managed to edge out number 3 seed, Jeff Hubbard.

Hubbard relegated to Round 5, managed to avoid elimination, but defeating the Brazilian trialist Sergio Louis in a nail-biting man-on-man heat.

Amaury Lavernhe was also forced to fight his way through Round 5, defeating friend and fierce competitor Dave Hubbard to stay alive in the event. Lavernhe will match up against the Australian power house, Andrew Lester in Round 6 tomorrow.

Fellow Reunion Islander Yoan Florantin managed to beat the masterly Mike Stewart in man-on-man Round 5 to become the last remaining trialist in the event. Florantin will have to top the current World Champion Pierre-Louis Costes in Round 6 to keep his campaign alive.

Six time World Champion Guilherme Tamega managed to avoid Round 5 today, but his second place finish in Round 4, forced him into Round 6 where he will face the accomplished young Australian Tom Rigby tomorrow.

The final heat of Round 6 is one of the most anticipated heats of the event so far, featuring a clash of the titans in the form of Jeff Hubbard versus Mitch Rawlins.

Top 10 Single Wave Scores Up to the Completion of Round 5

9.68 : Mark McCarthy [ZAF] Round 03 Heat 14
9.13 : Jeff Hubbard [HAW] Round 01 Heat 07
9.08 : Yoan Florantin [REU] Round 01 Heat 03
9 : Dave Winchester [AUS] Round 04 Heat 22
9 : Dallas Singer [AUS] Round 01 Heat 04

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