Airboarding is the new winter challenge

November 7, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Airboarding: great for flat days

Call it hoverboarding, airboarding or snow bodyboarding. The new thrilling winter sport is hitting the coldest countries of this world.

The enthusiasts have already proved there is a collection of great tricks to be challenged. So, airboarding was born in Europe. Joe Steiner, a Swiss inventor, designed it 10 years ago.

Although, it doesn't require a lot of equipment, there are safety procedures to be taken in consideration. If you are looking forward to try it, never forget a helmet and warm clothes.

Airboarders can reach 60 miles an hour. These bodyboarders of the snow ride a "board" made of light and extremely durable high-quality plastic covered textiles. Athletes steer by shifting their weight and brake by just turning the airboard at a 90° angle to the desired downhill direction.

If you would like to know more about this new sport visit the Airboard headquarters.

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