Alex Leon: he served the professional bodyboarding circuit for seven years | Photo: APB

Alex Leon stepped down as CEO of the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB).

The unexpected announcement was made one day after the conclusion of the 2019 APB World Tour.

"The past seven years have been amazing! I've met so many great people around the world and learned so much through all the adversity and triumphs, from crowning world champions to dealing with severe life-threatening injuries," said Leon.

"Bodyboarding has been a blessing to my life. It was the tool that helped me deal with my anxiety and depression throughout my 20s and gave me something that nothing else could."

From the IBA to the APB

Alex Leon is a father of two and hopes to "watch this extreme sport from the sideline and move onto the next chapter in my life" as operations manager at Avcon Projects Australasia.

He is one of the co-founders of the APB and was responsible for making the transition from the IBA era to the organization that runs bodyboarding today.

He served as IBA World Tour manager in 2013 but ended up resigning two weeks before the end of the season due to the financial constraints of the organization.

Leon started riding waves at the age of five and is also a former professional bodyboarder.

The new CEO of the APB World Tour has not yet been announced.

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