Alex Uranga wins 2012 Annaëlle Challenge

November 19, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Alex Uranga: taking of Finistère

Alex Uranga has conquered the 2012 Annaëlle Challenge, in an island off the coast of Finistère, in France.

A total of 20 riders competed in four heats heats of five riders, with two non-elimination rounds of 30 minutes. The winner of each heat earns five points, the second earns four points, the third 3 points, etc.

At the end of the two non-elimination rounds, the four riders with the highest total points head into a 45-minute final round. During this final round, the number of waves that can be ridden is unlimited.

In the final day of competition, it was time to calculate and see who would be one of the four finalists. No problem for Yoan Florantin, the only rider to win both rounds - he had a total of 10 points. Beneat Elosua and Alex Uranga finished with nine points. Yann Salaun secured the forth ticket.

Yann Salaun didn't lose time and took off the first wave, a perfect backflip. Yoan Florantin answered immediately. Beneat chose to go right, using his skills to play on the inside, earning some good barrels.

Alex Uranga started slowly with wipe-outs, but the 45-minute final format with unlimited number of waves gave him some time. Alex woke up with a big barrel on a good wave, Beneat get his backflip on the right.

A big set comes, Alex catches a big barrel, and finishes off-the-lip with a backflip. With only seconds left, Yann Salaun is the only one in position and the locals on the island are screaming for a masterstroke.

He finds a way to get a big ugly barrel but never came out of it. A final with an high level of riding, great waves and some fearless riders on this isolated island, off the Britanny Coast.

2012 Annaëlle Challenge | Results

1. Alex Uranga (ES)
2. Yoan Florantin (REU)
3. Yann Salaun (BZH)
4. Beneat Elosua (ES)