Alex Uranga wins 2011 Nissan Reunion Bodyboard Pro

October 7, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Alex Uranga: outstanding

Alex Uranga has conquered the Nissan Reunion Bodyboard Pro 2011. It has never been done before, but the Spanish bodyboarder had to do it. The rider came directly from the Trials to claim a Grand Slam Series event, in four-to-six foot glassy waves.

In the final heat at Les Archers, Saint Pierre, Uranga defeated the Australian charger, Jake Stone, by less than a point: 15.25 versus 14.85.

The Spanish wonder took down many world bodyboarding stars before reaching the final. Guilherme Tâmega, Michael Novy and Dave Winchester have fallen at his hands, from the Round 4 battles to the Semi-Finals.

“It’s incredible”, said Alex Uranga, “I can’t put these feelings into words”.The Basque was carried on the shoulders of his brother and a friend from the water’s edge to the presentation area while the crowd whistled and cheered for him. He dedicated his win to all the people who believed in him back in the Basque Country.

Stone, was coming first until two minutes before the final siren when Uranga caught his winning wave, a big back flip scoring him a 7.6 out of a possible ten. “It was a sick final unfortunately I got nipped at the end there. He [Uranga] took it apart, so I’m stoked for him”, said Stone. This is Stone’s best result on the IBA GSS world tour.

In the Drop Knee contest, Damian King defeated local Amaury Lavernhe. IBA photographer, Sacha Specker, entered the competition too and came third to Lavernhe and King.

Jeff Hubbard is leading the 2011 IBA World Tour rankings with 7440 points, followed by Guilherme Tâmega (6550), Ryan Hardy (6490), Amaury Lavernhe (6360) and Dave Winchester (6200).

The 2011 IBA World Tour now heads to Isabella, in Puerto Rico, for the Encanto World Series.

Nissan Reunion Bodyboard Pro 2011 | Final

1. Alex URANGA, 15.25
2. Jake STONE, 14.85

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