Alex Winkworth blasts the 2013 Wedge Air Show

October 22, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Alex Winkworth: late night reverse

Alex Winkworth has taken out the Open and Drop-Knee divisions of the Bodyboard-Depot Wedge Air Show, at Tolcarne Beach, Newquay.

The annual bodyboarding event was held in four-foot wedge peaks, with the cream of the British bodyboarding crop.

With the light beginning to fade, the Semifinals flew by with Alex Winkworth and Jack Johns progressing after some great exchanges in the fast breaking waves. Jack Johns popped a smooth reverse, which was the highlight.

Rob Barber won Semifinal number two, after scoring highly for two waves that he pulled invert airs on. Damian Prisk followed in second after a big projected air.

The final of the event saw the competitors paddling for the horizon, time and time again, as the swell built on high tide. In-between the bigger sets, the wedging waves offered the biggest potential for point scoring.

Alex Winkworth picked off two high scoring waves. On his best wave he launched a trademark-tweaked air off the close out to take the title.

In the Drop-Knee final, Winkworth tore through his competition like a hot knife through butter. Great snaps and carves left Plymouthian ripper Olly Medland in second place.

The Ladies' division was a closely fought battle that came down to the style, speed and timing of moves. The judges gave Olivia Smedley the nod, after a great fanging bottom turn and a clean projected roll set her ahead of Megan Penny and Tabby Fox.

2013 Bodyboard-Depot Wedge Air Show | Results

1. Alex Winkworth
2. Jack Johns
3. Rob Barber
4. Damian Prisk

1. Alex Winkworth
2. Olly Medland
3. Jarryd Wingfield
4. Andrew Hill

1. Olivia Smedley
2. Megan Penny
3. Tabby Fox

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