Alexandra Rinder: the 2014 APB Women's World Tour champion | Photo: Science/DRM Fotografia

At only 16 years of age, Alexandra Rinder claimed the 2014 APB Women's World Tour. She is the youngest female champion in the history of professional bodyboarding.

The chapter ended in tears. Tears of joy. Despite being eliminated in the fourth round of the Sintra Portugal Pro, Rinder saw Isabela Sousa deliver her a maiden world title with a victory in the final.

Alexandra immediately got emotional and tried to hide her tear behind sunglasses.

She hasn't reached the age of majority yet, but a steady and consistent performance in the 2014 APB Women's World Tour paid off.

Rinder has been competing in Sintra with the pros since she was 12. In four years, the bodyboarder from the Canary Islands collected European titles in the Junior and Women divisions.

The ultimate step to global domination was given in 2014.

Alexandra finished runner-up in Pipeline and won the Antofagasta event to put an exclamation mark in her career and in the future of female bodyboarding.

Alexandra Rinder: the future of female bodyboarding

Alexandra is German, but she is trying to obtain dual citizenship. She is 6'7'' (1.74 meters) and loves riding Fronton in Gran Canaria.

Her first wave was ridden when she was nine years old. In 2013, Alexandra finished the IBA World Tour in the 10th spot.

"Even if you think you're the best, you always have to keep working because opponents will always be there trying to beat you," Alexandra Rinder recently told sports newspaper Marca.

"Waves are different every day. You have to know how to compete in all conditions. It's a dream to be able to do what I love."

Last year, Pierre-Louis Costes stated: "I believe she could be the youngest world champion ever in bodyboarding."

He was right. The future is bright for Alexandra Rinder.

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