Alexandra Rinder: second world title at only 17 | Photo: Pablo Jimenez/APB

She has done it again. Alexandra Rinder has conquered the 2015 APB World Bodyboarding Tour.

The young rider from the Canary Islands snatched a back-to-back world title at the Nazaré Pro, in Praia do Norte, Portugal. Rinder, 17, had already written a magical page in the history of bodyboarding when she became the youngest ever world champion.

But her second world title was no less dramatic than in 2014. Rinder made a mistake and had an interference was called on her decisive quarterfinal heat against Jessica Becker. With her second result cut in half, Alexandra was put in an impossible combination situation of 20.51 points.

"It's just crazy. I was really looking forward it; I was ready to win that heat. I got an interference; it can happen in a nervous situation like that. I had better waves, but I was in the same situation as last year, and I thought 'oh my god, not again.' I hate when this situation happens, but thank God it came all my way," explained Alexandra Rinder.

Alexandra Rinder: loving the trophy | Photo: Praia do Norte

As a result, her archrival Sari Ohhara "only" had to win the event to clinch the world title. However, on her way was the experienced Isabela Sousa. To celebrate yet another world title, Rinder depended on this result

When the horn sounded, and the Japanese fell into the hands of the Brazilian, Rinder celebrated enthusiastically on the beach. She hugged Diego Cabrera, her mother and everyone who surrounded her in Praia do Norte.

"I am just really happy. I can't realize standing here with this in the hand... It's amazing. I want to thank everybody there supporting me. I just want to sit down and realize what happened. I can't talk about it because I can't tell what I feel right now," expressed a very emotional Rinder.

"My dad just said: 'Isabela is really welcome in our house again. I hate it because it looks like it's always Isabela who rescues me... I had a good start of the year, and it's always hard in the end because you want to win it so hard, and there are a lot of riders trying to fight for it."

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