Ali Kriz, Jacqui Stevenson and Emma Cobb conquer the WBA Whaley Beach

May 18, 2009 | Bodyboarding

Emma Cobb

WBA event two was held at beautiful Whaley Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We were greeted with sunshine and clean 2-3ft swell lines rolling in. Also there to greet us were a crew of more than twenty fluoro coloured girls ready to join in the fun!

Nearly everyone had dressed in the tight and bright theme, with some especially crazy outfits from Zoe, Julia, Cobber, Karleah, Em Roby, and Farmer Flare.

We quickly set up the tent and equipment, and while the A division got ready to surf their first heats, a few of the girls paddled out for a fun free surf, some still wearing their outfits. Classic!

It was awesome to see such a good mix of girls turn up for the event, including our international members Chiara Pisapia from Italy, Lucy Cioffi from Cornwall UK, plus Noriko Smith from Japan and Eveline Mussi from Brazil, who are also from the Maroubra bodyboarding club (along with Kathryn Osborne and Natalie Fernandez). Welcome girls!

We also had our first ever mother daughter team turn up to compete, with wheelchair bound Rani Head-Toussaint, and her mum Kerry, both joining in the action in the A and AA divsions.

A few competitive highlights of the day included:

- Rani charging on her surf mat. With no mobility in her legs, everyone was amazed at Rani’s surfing ability. Rani had amazing wave knowledge and was catching all the sets and riding them into the beach then paddling straight back out again for more. Rani surfed so well she made it into the finals and into 2nd place overall for the A division. A huge inspiration to everyone!

- Ali and Jacqui going head to head in both the A and AA divisions, with each making the final in both divisions and taking a win! Go girls!

- Eveline’s awesome DK skills had everyone hooting. Plus Noriko’s tight spins, Cobber’s invert, Karleah’s bright green jacket, Tassie milking every wave, Roby’s back boarding (????), Wombat’s lovely morning after smell, Sandy’s camera skills, and just everyone being out there and having a good time!

Thanks to all the girls who turned up on the day for making it such a fun event and for helping out with setting up, judging, and cleaning up!

Final Results went as follows:

A division

1st Ali Kriz (Avoca) Hive swimwear voucher

2nd Rani Head-Toussaint (Narrabeen) $30 BSC voucher

3rd Kathryn Osborne (Maroubra) $20 BSC voucher

4th Jacqui Stevenson (Pymble) BSC board bag


1st Jacqui Stevenson (Pymble) Hive swimwear voucher

2nd Zoe Edwards (Mona Vale Pub) $30 BSC voucher

3rd Noriko Smith (Japan/Maroubra) $20 BSC voucher

4th Ali Kriz (Avoca) BSC board bag


1st Emma Cobb (Milton) Hive swimwear voucher

2nd Eveline Mussi (Brazil/Sydney) $30 BSC voucher

3rd Emma Roby (Kiama) $20 BSC voucher

4th Julia Heasman (Seaforth) BSC board bag

We had so many prizes to give away we decided to raffle the rest of them!

The major prize was a voucher for a Custom designed Milkshakes bodyboard and download an order form in the customs section to get one of your very own). The winner was mum of Rani, and all round shredder, Kerry Head!

Kathryn Osborne and Jacqui Stevenson were the winners of two Hooda vouchers.

And the three BSC bicep leashes went to Monique Farmer, Zoe Edwards, and Emma Roby.

Best dressed was won by Farmer Flare with her classic lycra full body suit, in hot pink! Definitely embracing the tight and bright theme and taking it a little further by also surfing in it.

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