All-star lineup set for the Cave Rock Invitational 2015

April 29, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Tristan Roberts: gaining experience in the cave

The Cave Rock Invitational 2015 will take place in June, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Andre Botha is the 2014 defending event champion, and he has already been confirmed in this year's all-star line-up. The cream of the crop has been cautiously picked by the iconic organizer.

"They all have a Hawaiian season under their belt. We have a South African celebrity, the inventor of the 'death launch' and, hands down, one of the hardest chargers to come out of the country ever," notes Michael Ostler, organizer of the Cave Rock Invitational.

"I'm so grateful to see this event unfolding the way it is. I am so excited to see how everybody is going to step it up leading up to event day and, of course, on the day itself!"

Names like Iain Campbell, Tristan Roberts, Mark McCarthy, Rudy Palmboom Senior, and Scott Venter will pump the spot on any given day when The Rock is firing.

The Cave Rock Invitational 2015 will add four additional names. Bodyboarding fans will pick two riders, and a couple of chargers will earn tickets to the main event through the Trials, scheduled for the 16th or 17th of May.

Cave Rock Invitational 2015 | Invitees

1. Andre Botha
2. Jaco Theron
3. Dan Redman
4. Rheinard Du Toit
5. Josh Redman
6. Rudy Palmboom Senior
7. Scott Venter
8. Stephen Du Preez
9. Iain Campbell
10. Stu Bradford
11. Tristan Roberts
12. Mark McCarthy
13. Jonathan "Oros" Oliff
14. Robert Gray
15. Sihle Xaba

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