All-star lineup set for the Shark Island Challenge 2015

August 13, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Shark Island Challenge: deep barrels and vertical drops | Photo: IBA

The waiting period for the Shark Island Challenge 2015 has been opened.

Twenty-four of the planet's best prone wave riders are ready to drop into the vertical ramps of the Cronulla reef break, between August 13th and September 20th.

The organizations will make the call in the week prior to the contest commencing and communicate it through Surfing NSW and the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB).

The Shark Island Challenge 2015 is an APB-sanctioned competition. The event will feature previous contest winners, world bodyboarding champions, local heroes, young guns, legends, national champions and fan favorites.

Shark Island Challenge 2015 | Invitees

1. Mike Stewart
2. Jeff Hubbard
3. Ben Player
4. Andrew Lester
5. Mitch Rawlins
6. Alex Leon
7. Shaun Pyne
8. Dave Winchester
9. Damian King
10. Nick Ormerod
11. Nick Gornal
12. Lewy Finnegan
13. Jase Finlay
14. Christian Riguccini
15. Ben Hall
16. Ryan McKinnon
17. Tanner McDaniel
18. Jacob Romero
19. Jake Stone
20. Josh Kaihe
21. Winston McCall
22. Shaun Peterson
23. Ryan Hardy
24. Reece Fowler

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