Amaury Lavernhe announces his signature bodyboarding academy

October 26, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Amaury Lavernhe: the champion will open his bodyboarding academy | Photo: Rommel/ISA

Amaury Lavernhe has announced the launch of his signature bodyboarding academy.

The two-time world bodyboarding champion will kick off the Amaury Academy in 2016, with courses adapted to all levels of experience. The rider from Reunion Island will start working with students in France, Portugal, Cabo Verde, Spain, Morocco, and Martinique.

"The Amaury Academy is a new project I'm working on since few months now. It's a worldwide bodyboarding and training school where I will share my knowledge and skills with riders," explains Lavernhe.

"As a high-level athlete, I will teach beginners or experienced riders the art of bodyboarding, as a sport and as a lifestyle. Through different courses, I want to share my knowledge and expertise in sports activity, physical training, mental preparation and nutrition."

The Amaury Academy will explore the following issues: ocean awareness, basic techniques in the first waves, equipment, maneuvers, wave analysis, style enhancement, competitive rules, judgement, wave scoring, heat strategies, coaching, warm up and physical recovery, motivation and building confidence, and sports diet.

Lavernhe will set up courses anywhere. Riders interested in learning with the champion can design their course by picking their favorite contents and choosing its duration.