Amaury Lavernhe: still hungry for more world titles | Photo:

For many, he is the best bodyboarder of his generation. After having a break from the APB World Tour, Amaury Lavernhe is ready to storm the system once again.

The two-time world champion from Reunion Island is enjoying the greatest swell of his life. And that is why, after 12 years competing at the highest level in the pro bodyboarding circuit, he decided to stop for a few months.

Lavernhe competed in the first three events of the 2017 APB World Tour season and then stayed with his family to witness the birth of his second child.

He was deeply missed not only by fans but also by his opponents. However, the French bodyboarder is back for the last three stages of the year.

"Having a second child is like a giant swell coming to me. A swell that you want to be prepared for - the one that could bring you more than you could imagine," said Amaury Lavernhe.

"I keep surfing every day. The Canaries offer me the best place to train. I am always riding with two goals in my mind: to be a healthy dad, and to surf at my best level."

Lavernhe is getting ready for the European legs - Sintra, Nazaré, and Gran Canaria - at El Fronton, his newly-adopted home break. And by the looks of his rides, we might as well be prepared for what he has to offer.

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