Amaury Lavernhe: second world bodyboarding title in the pocket

Amaury Lavernhe has conquered the 2014 Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) World Tour, in the waves of Praia Grande, Sintra, Portugal.

In the last day of competition, Jared Houston was not able to handle the pressure of the quarterfinals, and left Uri Valadao and Amaury Lavernhe chasing top honours. Four years later, the French bodyboarder would grab the trophy as the Brazilian failed to move on.

"Thanks to all of you! I am so happy. It was an incredible day. Congratulations to all riders and, to all of you. Without your support and confidence nothing could've happened," underlined Lavernhe.

"I have to give thanks the moment I'm going through in my life. This is to be a special year for me. I was father, got married two weeks ago and now I'm a world champion after last year, I'd almost given up competition."

The most difficult world bodyboarding season of the last decade has come to a close. The dissolution of the International Bodyboarding Association brought the APB into the spotlight and the chances of putting up a newly-formed world tour.

Despite the lack of sponsors, poor quality webcasts and the absence of media communication, the APB World Tour was able to crown a champion in five stages: Pipeline, Itacoatiara, Arica, Antofagasta and Sintra.

The Sintra Portugal Pro 2014 was a dramatic finish. Pierre-Louis Costes, who was leading the ranking before the European event, was knocked out of the world title race by a Portuguese grom, Ricardo Rosmaninho, in Round 5. In the last two days of competition, only three riders could get to the sky. Valadao, Houston and Lavernhe. The bodyboarder from the Reunion Island prevailed.

In the Women's division, Alexandra Rinder lost the opportunity to depend on herself, after being eliminated in Round 5. Jessica Becker and Sari O'Hara surfed against each other, and also had hopes of celebrating alongside Lavernhe.

But Rinder would end up being crowned the 2014 APB Women's World Tour champion. She is the youngest winner ever in the history of bodyboarding. Sintra also crowned Tristan Roberts, from South Africa, the first ever APB World Tour Pro Junior champion.

Finally, the Drop-Knee competition had no surprises in 2014. Dave Hubbard collected another world crown, but he also won the first prone event of his career in Sintra. The most important question remains unanswered: will there be a world bodyboarding tour in 2015?

APB World Tour 2014 | Men's Final Standings

1. Amaury Lavernhe (REU), 5390 points
2. Pierre Louis Costes (FRA), 4850 points
3. Uri Valadao (BRA), 4824 points
4. Jared Houston (ZAF), 4702 points
5. Alex Uranga (ESK), 4112 points
6. Israel Salas (BRA), 3728 points
7. Lucas Nogueira (BRA), 3546 points
8. Mike Stewart (HAW), 3544 points
9. Magno Passos (BRA), 3518 points
10. Eder Luciano (BRA), 3442 points

Sintra Portugal Pro 2014 | Winners

Prone: Dave Hubbard
Drop-Knee: Amaury Lavernhe
Women: Isabela Sousa
Junior: Tristan Roberts

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