Amaury Lavernhe wins 2012 Antofagasta Bodyboarding Festival

May 14, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Amaury Lavernhe: returning to champagne in Chile

The Antofagasta Bodyboarding Festival, a 6-star GQS event sanctioned by IBA, was a great success as thousands of locals converged to witness history in the making at their local beach, at La Cupula.

Glassy 6-foot waves were providing the perfect canvas for the competitors to get creative and draw some fresh lines into the pitching lips.

In the Semifinals, Uri Valadao was up against local star Alan Muñoz. In the dying seconds of the decisive, Muñoz secured a place in the final with a crazy combo that sent the crowd frantic. The Chileans were happy that one of their boys had accomplished his mission.

In the second Semifinal, Dave Hubbard and Amaury Lavernhe were looking to make history. Amaury dominated the first 20 minutes, with smart wave selection and perfect lines into the lip.

Then, Hubbard kicked in with an 8.23 average for 2 high speed ARS’s on a set. He searched for the wave he needed till the final second, but Mother Nature would not deliver.

In the final, there was a lot of pressure on Alan Muñoz. Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan and Amaury showed why he was the best bodyboarders in the world, with unbelievable wave selection and contest savy. In the end, he had Muñoz on the ropes and in a combination situation.

"It was like a World Cup football match. The local crowd were so stoked to host such an important leg of the IBA World Tour and they showed their appreciation by rocking up in droves said Mckenna", said IBA World Tour manager Terry McKenna.