Andre Botha confirmed in the Cave Rock Invitational 2014

July 15, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Andre Botha: from Durban with a beard | Photo: Vince Cavataio

The Cave Rock Invitational 2014 will be surfed in the best possible conditions between July 14th and August 14th, in South Africa.

It is probably the only bodyboarding in the world where sponsors are not invited to participate. The Cave Rock Invitational will gather 16 riders to showcase their talent in the KwaZulu-Natal waves.

If you're still not convinced, do know that two-time world champion Andre Botha and Tristan Roberts will be out in the line-up. For many, the Cave Rock Invitational is the best bodyboarding event South Africa has had in years.

"Andre Botha has flown the South African Flag with amazing effect. In my eyes, he is guaranteed to turn heads with his fearlessness in the water," underlines Michael Ostler, organizer of the Cave Rock Invitational.

The contest's Expression Session will feature four pro surfers, two Drop-Knee bodyboarders and two prone riders.

The Cave Rock Invitational 2014 Invitees

Andre Botha
Billy Thiel
Garryd Ensor-Smith
Jaco Theron
Johan de Goede
Jonathan Bernon
Jonathan Oros
Marck Botha
Mark McCarthy
Michael Ostler
Rheinhard du Toit
Ricky Basnett
Rudy Palmboom
Scott Venter
Stephen Du Preez
Storm Prestwich
Stu Bradford
Taylor Hickman
Tristan Roberts
Tyler Vorster

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