Andrew Lester: barreled in Shark Island | Photo: APB/SIC

Andrew Lester has claimed the iconic Shark Island Challenge 2014, in Australia.

Pristine waves and sunny skies. The Shark Island Challenge 2014 got underway in perfect five-to-seven-foot barrels pumping 100 meters off Cronulla Beach, New South Wales.

World-class bodyboarders had, once again, the opportunity to ride and taste the excruciating power of the "Surge" section of the reef.

A Drop-Knee division has been added to the competition for the first time.

A total of 24 national and international riders have been invited to the Shark Island Challenge 2014, an APB World Tour Specialty bodyboarding event.

The first-ever Shark Island Challenge was held in 1997. Guilherme Tamega is the bodyboarder with the most number of victories.

The Brazilian rider triumphed thrice.

Shark Island Challenge 2014 | Final Results

1. Andrew Lester
2. Shaun Peterson
3. Shaun Pyne
4. Jason Finlay
5. Alex Leon

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