Andrew Raath steals the Zion Summer Shred Sesh

April 1, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Andrew Raath: full throttle

Andrew Raath has claimed the inaugural Zion Summer Shred Sesh, in Long Beach, South Africa.

The Zion Summer Shred Sesh bodyboarding competition saw two divisions - Under 18 and Open - fiercely competed by all 40 riders.

The bodyboarders demonstrated a high level of power, technicality and style, just what the judges were looking for.

The competition has clear rules: focus on how well the rider executes manoeuvres and not on "grovelling".

The focus shifted away from playing it safe, and concentrated on rewarding riders who performed riskier moves with style and power.

These unique judging criteria pushed all riders to the limit and saw the likes of up-and-coming youngster Jasper Chesselet, perform one of the biggest and best moves of the day, earning the best wave award.

This was no easy task as the level of riding was top class with many waves being rewarded 8 and 9 out of a possible 10 points.

One rider, however, was rewarded a 10. Tristan Roberts was on top form all day and ended up winning the Under 18 division in true style.

In the Open final, Andrew Raath outperformed the talented Tristan Roberts, as well as Kommetjie local Aden Kleve, by linking clean barrel rides with big back flips.

Results of the Zion Summer Shred Sesh:

1. Andrew Raath
2. Aden Kleve
3. Tristan Roberts
4. Jason Fowler

Under 18
1. Tristan Roberts
2. Luke Kitchin
3. Benjy Oliver
4. Ethan Nel

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