APB accuses Frontón King organizers of planning a "rebel tour"

October 22, 2018 | Bodyboarding
Frontón King: the event is not sanctioned by the APB | Photo: Frontón King

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) accused the promoters of the Frontón King of planning a "rebel tour."

In a long and detailed statement, the organization led by Alex León explained the reasons why this year's Frontón King was not included in the official APB World Tour schedule.

León and his team talk about "lengthy negotiations" and a nine-month delay in payments to bodyboarders and staff.

The APB also underlined that the Spanish organizers failed to meet minimum requirements like two safety jet skis and the sharing of action content to the athletes.

"Organizers sought to extract financial gain from riders for imagery, and used jet skis for the leisure of some viewers," says Alex León.

El Frontón: one of the best bodyboarding wave in the world | Photo: Frontón King

A Rebel Tour To Undermine the APB

The APB World Tour also claims that the Frontón King crew is planning an alternative bodyboarding circuit.

"It became apparent during this period of negotiations that the organizers of the Frontón King began discussions to potentially form a 'rebel tour' that would undermine the APB," Leon and his team note.

The APB accuses Frontón King of "not participating in the negotiation in good faith" and remembers that riders who agree to participate in the event will be penalized, except those living in the Canary Islands.

So, who said yes to El Frontón this year? Amaury Lavernhe, Diego Cabrera and Alexandra Rinder entered the comp, but they're living in the Canaries.

Dave Hubbard lives in Hawaii. However, Hubbard is not a Top 24 rider, so he should not suffer the consequences of his decision.

"World Surf League athletes are not allowed to compete in events that are not sanctioned by the WSL. If the Frontón King isn't sanctioned, then bodyboarders simply can't compete. Otherwise, the product that the APB has built crumbles overnight," the APB concludes.

One thing is certain: there's a strange, tense vibe in the air. Is a "rebel tour" in the making?