APB North America is full steam ahead for 2019

November 21, 2018 | Bodyboarding
APB North America: the Regional Tour is heading to Hawaii | Photo: APB

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) confirmed it is working actively to re-establish a professional and amateur bodyboarding circuit in North America.

The first stage of APB North America is to roll out its Judging and Instructor Certification programs in late January 2019.

Rogerio Bezerra, the technical director of the organization, has been working diligently with the president of APB North America, Steve Jackson, to develop programs that ensure the United States and the entire North American region have qualified judges for all amateur and professional competitions.

ABP also has an ambitious plan to have officially certified instructors at each and every bodyboarding school and clinic.

Once these certification programs are finalized, the Board of Directors of APB North America will vote on final approval of program guidelines.

Bodyboarding schools and clubs can already register on apbtour.com so that local events and pro/am competitions can run through these entities.

State and National Events

APB North America is planning and organizing amateur and professional competitions so that state champions and national champions can be crowned across five divisions: Men's, Women's, Drop Knee, Pro Junior, and Masters.

Advancement and Seeding

By establishing events on the state, national, and regional levels there will be a clear path of advancement from one level of competition to the next.

"Top-ranked competitors at the state level will qualify for national competition, and top national riders will be seeded into the North American Regional Tour," explains Steve Jackson.

"Top-ranked competitors from the APB North America Regional Tour will qualify for the APB QEST (Qualifying Event Series Tour) with an opportunity to gain seeding on the WGS (World Grand Slam) series which crowns bodyboarding's world champions."

APB North America: the organization will crown state and national champions | Photo: APB

Free Bodyboarding Clinics

APB North America will run a series of free youth clinics (12 and under), women's clinics (all ages), and adaptive bodyboarding clinics for amputees and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Jon Sedor will coordinate the adaptive bodyboarding events, as well as events held in Florida.

Eastern Lines Surf Shop (Belmar, New Jersey), a long-time supporter of bodyboarding in "The Garden State," will help run clinics and events in summer 2019.

Steve Barnes, the owner-operator of Bodyboarding Adventures, will organize clinics in California as well as being one of the first bodyboarding schools in the United States to institute APB North America's Instructors Program.

There are also free clinics being discussed for Hawaii, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

The APB North America 2019 Regional Tour

Finally, the APB North America 2019 Regional Tour will consist of five events: Hawaii (July), Mexico (August), New Jersey (September), Puerto Rico (October), and Southern California (November).

The official schedule, locations, and dates will be confirmed in February 2019, five months in advance of the first scheduled event.