APB releases provisional schedule for the 2019 North America Regional Tour

August 29, 2018 | Bodyboarding
The Wedge: is APB North America planning an event in Newport Beach? | Photo: Walker/Creative Commons

The inaugural 2019 APB North America Regional Tour will kick off with five events.

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) announced that North America will finally have its own regional circuit. The last event in American waters was held in 2013 and was organized by the United States Bodyboard Association (USBA).

The tentative schedule for 2019 includes contests in Hawaii, Mexico, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and California.

According to the professional bodyboarding organization, the board of directors of APB North America has been working hard in the last five months to organize "its extensive developmental plan for 2019 and beyond."

APB North America is preparing and setting up judging and instructor certification programs, and identifying all bodyboarding clubs and schools via the official APB website.

The North American branch of the APB is also analyzing all possibilities in terms of running professional and amateur events in the region, and planning free adaptive clinics for amputees and war veterans who have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Additional information regarding tour dates and locations, official sponsors, and other bureaucratic procedures and requirements will be announced on November 15, 2018.

All APB North America membership forms will be available online twenty-four hours later.

2019 APB North America Regional Tour | Provisional Schedule

Hawaii | July (TBC)
Mainland Mexico | August (TBC)
New Jersey | August/September (TBC)
Puerto Rico | October/November (TBC)
California | November (TBC)

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