APB seeks $1m to develop bodyboarding worldwide

February 9, 2018 | Bodyboarding
APB: the pro bodyboarding circuit seeks the support from 100,000 fans | Photo: Gonzo/APB

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) is asking fans to help to fund the development of the sport.

The newly-launched APB Members Affiliation invites bodyboarding supporters to pay $10 per year to get access to exclusive content and special merchandising discounts.

"The support from around the world will ensure that we continue to deliver high action content to the passionate fans of the World Tour, and a positive future for bodyboarding," underlines Alex Leon, CEO of APB.

With this crowdfunding initiative, the APB aims to attract 100,000 members to their platform, i.e., a total funding of one million dollars.

The APB plans to invest in the sport's grassroots, the development of school and academic programs and bodyboarding clubs, the expansion of the APB offices, the growth of coaching projects and junior competition.

Leon and his team also seek to improve the written and visual content produced at each event and update the broadcast equipment, website, and other digital distribution media, as well as increase the overall prize money purses.

The 2018 APB World Tour kicks off in May, in Australia. Pipeline and Teahupoo are not part of this year's calendar.

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