Tyson Williams: barreled at Teahupoo wearing sunglasses

Former professional bodyboarder Tyson Williams has passed away. The man who rode Teahupoo barrels with sunglasses on died at 36.

Despite fighting the disease with medication and therapy for a long time, Williams succumbed to a major depressive disorder.

He hailed from Manly Beach and rode for Rip Curl and Morey Boogie.

Tyson Williams had a charismatic personality. In the 1990s, the Australian competed at the highest level in the Global Organization of Bodyboarders (GOB) World Tour and took part in the iconic Tahiti Skins 2000, an event that changed the perception of modern pro bodyboarding.

Williams was a funny character. He became a pro bodyboarder at the age of 16, but he also enjoyed riding surfboards. Last year, he hit Teahupoo, and something happened.

"I paddled back out after catching another wave on the bodyboard, and I heard someone on a boat say 'lil rider, learn to stand up'! I turned around, looked at him, acknowledged his narrow-mindedness, smiled, paddled over to my canoe, untied my surfboard, paddled into the lineup and then this happened," Williams wrote on his Facebook page.

Tyson Williams: surfboards were no problem for him | Photo: Bielmann

The photo shown above shows Tyson getting barreled in a classic Teahupoo pit. And with a flawless backhand ride, he shut the mouth of the narrow-minded. Legend.

In Australia, 12 men commit suicide every day. That's one person every two hours. If you need, reach out for help because it's okay to talk.

Tyson Slade Williams is survived by his mother, Janice, and brother Cooper.

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