Australian boogie stars pump Duranbah Beach

November 12, 2010 | Bodyboarding

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Round two of the Rebel Sport Pro bounced back into action today with some of the worlds biggest names hitting the water.

Whilst the conditions had deteriorated significantly from yesterdays epic session, the infamous D-Bah still dished up some great waves in the two to three feet range. Cronulla’s (NSW) bodyboarding legend Andrew Lester was first of the pro’s to stamp his dominance on the competition.

After spending a week training Australia’s next crop of talent at the Surfing Australia High Performance centre, Lester was keen to practice what he preached, knocking together a combine score of 12.03 over Joey Orme (Sunshine Coast) 11.00, Stuart Jeays 9.37 (Sunshine Coast) and Scott Mace (NSW) with 6.53.

Two times world champion and current world number 12 Damian King also moved through the competition, whilst not without being troubled by sixteen year old Sam Strachan of Cronulla (NSW).

Strachan put together a 11.14 whilst King only had 9.04, Strachan admits he was nervous going into the heat but happy to get one up of the former dual world champ.

“I am pretty surprised to beat Kingy but happy at the same time” Said Sam.

“I was nervous just surfing against him (Kingy) given that he’s a former world champ and it’s the first time I have surf against him in a heat”.

The action continues tomorrow with the top 16 Australasian Pro riders taking the stage, including the likes of Mitch Rawlins (Gold Coast), Dave Winchester (NSW) and Joe Clarke (Gold Coast).

General Manager of IBA Australasia Terry McKenna is pleased with how the entire event has progressed so far.

“Having the best riders at a high performance wave such as D-Bah is an easy recipe for success” said McKenna.

“This week is a true festival of bodyboarding. You’ve got the amateur guys competing for their state, whilst at the same time the best riders in the world are here for the Rebel Sport Pro, it’s a great mix.

The Rebel Sport Women’s Pro will also hit the water tomorrow, with the Brazilian ex pat, now Gold Coast local Stephanie Pettersen making a come back to competitive bodyboarding. Stephanie now aged 40 is a four times world champion and looking fit as ever. She will be coming up against the best in women's bodyboarding including current Australian champion Nicole Fleming and Lily Pollard.

Tomorrows mens pro match ups are:

HEAT 1) Jones Russell NSW, Dallas Singer NSW, Andrew Lester NSW, Brad Hughes WA
HEAT 2) Chad Jackson WA, Cade Sharp QLD, Charlie Carter WA, Joey Orme QLD
HEAT 3) Thomas Rigby QLD, Mitch Rawlins QLD, Thorpe Waluew QLD, Damian King NSW
HEAT 4) Dave Winchester NSW, Chase O'Leary NSW, Sam Strachan NSW, Adrian Kleve Sth Africa
HEAT 5) Joe Clarke QLD, Mark Parsons NSW, George Humphreys WA, Dave Crowley NSW
HEAT 6) Nathan Branch NSW, Jake Stone QLD, Charlie Holt NSW, Nic Rubessame QLD
HEAT 7) Michael Novy QLD, Ashley Bryant QLD, Mitch Woodland NSW, Sam Bennett NSW
HEAT 8) Corey McLean QLD, Glen Sullivan NSW, Ben MacKinnon New Zealand, Lachlan Cramsie QLD

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