Azores Islands Bodyboarding Festival 2011 pumps Santa Catarina

November 17, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Azores Islands: waves everywhere

Everything is set for the upcoming Azores Islands Bodyboarding Festival 2011, to be held in the waves of Santa Catarina, Ilha Terceira. The wave and wind conditions are expected to help rider show off their best tricks and moves. A two-metre wave forecast will be on offer for this important IBA Global Qualifying Series event.

Samuel Barcelos and Pedro "Pedrim" Correia were awarded two wildcards. The Azores Islands Bodyboarding Festival 2011 will be surfed from November 18th-20th.

The surf spot is quite incredible and is a result of a fruitful cooperation between surfers and local authorities.

"There was a sewage flowing through and we tried for years to end this situation, but it was only with the effort of the USBA (Azores Surfers and Bodyboarders Union) that local authorities understood the touristic potential of Santa Catarina and solve the problem", says Miguel "Biscoito" Mendonça, from the event organization.

The Azores Islands offer Atlantic quality waves and excellent hosting conditions. Nice warm people, impressive natural landscapes and great food. There are hundreds of top surf spots in the several islands.

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