Banyans showcases the best Hawaiian bodyboarding groms

May 8, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Shaydon Wolfe: he is ready to be a pro bodyboarder

A friendly Aloha spirit was the standout of the 2012 Banyan USBA Science Hawaii Regional Tour, the second event of the season for the future world bodyboarding champions.

The competition started off with clean 2-3ft long period waves waves. Swabaz Soaia opened the first 9-point ride of the event with an Air Roll Spin to Spin-to-Roll.

In the 13-18 bodyboarding division, Tanner McDaniel, Matt Holzman and Kua Salinas showed why the USBA groms have been improving their skill over the years.

In the highly competitive Drop-Knee division, it was Sammy "Mercat" Morretino who really stole the show. He comboed waves with flow from one snap to a floater with ease. Local Colby Alcos and Willy Petrovick were also surfing very well.

The Open division had many surprises, as Calvin Cerrone is the first Under-12 rider making into the Open Amateur final. However, the older competitors really showed their skills in the final.

Sammy Morretino wanted to win the event with two almost completed Roll-to-Backflip attempts, however Kua Salinas surfed his first wave to score a 9.5 for a Double Spin-to-Backflip and win the event.

Stephanie Frank conquered the Girls division with clean rolls and amazing performance to beat last year's winner Liana Carson.

The Stand-Up division was a true example of the skills displayed by all talented Hawaii riders. Local boy Chevise Conte performed amazing snaps and floaters to be crowned champion.

Shaydon Wolfe, from Waimanalo, is the man of the contest and will be flying to the US continent to participate in the US Open of Bodyboarding, in Huntington Beach, in June 2012.

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