Barrels arrive at the 2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship

December 9, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Matias Diaz: a Chilean star | Photo: ISA/Gonzalo Muñoz

The second day of competition at the 2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship was marked by high scores and high-performance prone riding.

Iquique delivered incredible waves and increased in size to four-to-six foot with occasional bigger sets at Punta 1, allowing for deep barrel rides, radical air sections, and critical turns.

In the Open Men's, a new high score of the event was posted by the local Chilean team member Matias Diaz, who earned an impressive total heat score of 16.67.

In an exciting heat, Diaz narrowly defeated France's Jeremy Arnoux (15.37), and sent to repechage the high scoring athlete of day one, South Africa's Iain Campbell (14.86), and Costa Rica's Marlon Sandoval (9.17). The third and fourth place finishers now have to fight their way to the final through the repechage rounds.

In Open Women's, the standout was France's Anne Cecile Lacoste, who earned a total of 13.23, the highest of the round, defeating South Africa's Pamela Bowren (8.87), Costa Rica's Shamobi Offer (6.87), and the local Chilean Paloma Freyggang (2.00), who was deemed two interferences and was forced to exit the heat. Freyggang and Offer will have one more opportunity for the gold medal in the repechage bracket.

Right after the Open Women's was the Junior U-18 Boys bodyboarders turn to showcase all their skill in the waves of Punta 1. France's Alexandre Castillo led the division, earning a total heat score of 14.93, defeating by a narrow margin Chile's Yoshua Toledo (14.67), South Africa's Tristan Roberts (12.60) and Costa Rica's Alejandro Campos (10.77).

To wrap up the day, the Junior U-18 Girls hit the water. The standout for the division was the local 15-year-old star Anais Veliz, who scored and impressive 14.33 with a critical ARS. Veliz defeated Venezuela's Yanelly Alvarez (3.53), South Africa's Georgene McKeone (3.40) and France's Kim Veteau (1.93).

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