Ben Mackinnon is the 2010 New Zealand bodyboarding champion

June 21, 2010 | Bodyboarding
Ben Mackinnon: Kiwi champ

Ben Mackinnon has conquered the Open and Senior titles of the 2010 Blaketown Challenge and is the New Zealand bodyboarding champion.

The bodyboarder from Dunedin had won the trophy two years ago. Mackinnon, 30 years old, will also gain an automatic entry to the fifth round of the Pipeline Pro in February 2011.

This was his first win at Greymouth in New Zealand. Ben managed to complete inverts, aerials, and backflips to claim the 2010 Blaketown Challenge.

Ben Mackinnon will head to the Australian Championships in November, to defend the colors of his country, just before the Hawaiian dream.


Open Men
1st Ben Mackinnon
2nd Terry Ferguson
3rd Bronn Foster
4th Jolan Kilkelly

Drop Knee
1st Jolan Kilkelly
2nd Tim Bromley
3rd Bayden Barber
4th Ben Smith

Senior Men
1st Ben Mackinnon
2nd Terry Ferguson
3rd Dean Briggs
4th Jolan Kilkelly

Amateur Men
1st Alan Downing
2nd Blaze Viellanski
3rd Mike Gibson

1st Matt Haldane
2nd Aran Naismith
3rd Paul Van der kwaak

1st Willy Nepia Murray

1st Willy Nepia Murray

Open Women
1st Erica Cusack