Far Nørth: Ben Player is confronted with the power of Nature | Photo: Jack Johns

"Far Nørth" marks one of the most important stages in Ben Player's life. You'll easily understand why.

In March 2015, Ben Player suffered a ruptured spleen while riding Riley's, a powerful left-hand wave that breaks on the rugged coast of Ireland.

The Australian was airlifted by the Irish Coast Guard, but the event had a positive outcome.

Player fell in love with the northern hemisphere.

But he wanted to explore the most extreme surf, the places ruled by the cold Atlantic winds and swells where you rarely pronounce the word "crowded."

The three-time world bodyboarding says he has been planning "Far Nørth" for five years.

In the last three years, he has been shooting it alongside Todd Barnes and Ed Saltau. Player wanted to push himself to the limits, and test his sport in the harshest weather conditions.

The land of Guinness beer, harps, "Mac" and "O' is also home to incredible waves, thick lips, and explosive close-outs. If you surf Ireland all year, you should be ready for everything else.

"Far Nørth" was filmed in 4K, and features an original soundtrack by Mickey Smith. The bodyboard movie is intense, full of contrasts, silence, pure wilderness, isolation, and dramatic scenarios.

Nature puts bodyboarding - and humans - to the test. And you can often witness that on Ben's face.

"Far Nørth" makes us understand why this talented Aussie decided to take a break from the professional competitive scene.

Ben Player's "Far Nørth" will be available on iTunes by January 2017.

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