Ben Player recovers from thigh injury

May 31, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Thigh injury: Ben Player has found a miracle tape

Ben Player has suffered a thigh injury while training at his own surf spot and should have stayed out of the water for eight weeks.

"The day before I was booked to jump on my flight I went for one last practice surf at my local where I cracked my thigh on my board, upon landing", explains Player.

"Two hours later my thigh was swollen to the point where it was twice the size of my other and hard like a flexed bysep. I didn’t have enough to seek medical attention so I went to trusty Google and found that it was a contusion that I had sustained", he adds.

Despite the injury problem, Ben decided to compete at the 2012 Arica Chilean Challenge, in Chile. "I shaped some plastic I found from water bottles and put foam padding under and taped it all up. This helped a lot from repeat injury but my flexibility was less than 30%".

The former world bodyboarding champion says his leg has been getting better at a rate of 5-10% per day and by the final day of the Arica Challenge he was surfing at 75% of his normal capacity.

The Australian rider has been getting physiotherapy and he is getting better every day. "I think I will be back to 100% and I’m going to give it 110%".

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