Ben Player: riding a hollow wave at Surf Lakes | Photo: Harris/Surf Lakes

Surf Lakes announced they have successfully created their first artificial eight-foot wave.

The Australian wave pool company says that the maximum target wave-face height of eight feet has been achieved at the testing facility in Yeppoon, Central Queensland.

The first wave rider to test the wave's potential was Ben Player. The three-time world bodyboarding champion got barreled at "The Island" and was ecstatic with the experience.

"Did you ever believe that a man-made wave could ever get this good for a boogie? I was lucky enough to be a part of the monumental event," explained Player.

The veteran bodyboarder rode a hollow barrel, and the moment was captured for eternity.

Ben Player: hidden behind an artificial liquid curtain at Surf Lake | Photo: Harris/Surf Lakes

"It was like a crazy fantasy to be surfing waves that incredible in a small pool at Yeppoon. Pound for pound, as powerful as anything I have surfed in the ocean at that size."

Is it an Eight-Footer?

Ben Player says it was one of the best surfing experiences of his life and believes the Surf Lakes technology is a game-changer.

Although the improvements made at the surf lagoon are undeniably visible, the wave in question doesn't seem to be eight feet tall.

Instead, and judging by the pictures, it looks like a solid and clean four-to-five-footer.

Ben Player: how big is this artificial wave produced by Surf Lakes | Photo: Harris/Surf Lakes

According to Surf Lakes, and based on initial engineering calculations and CFD modeling, the ideal safe maximum wave-face height for the prototype is 7.8 feet (2.4 meters).

The upgrades and repairs of the Yeppoon R&D wave pool were concluded in early August, but further testing will continue until late 2019.

Surf Lakes produces 5 Waves, which literally means five different, simultaneous types of waves.

Mark Occhilupo, the company's ambassador, was finally able to get barreled at Occy's Peak, the A-frame barreling wave he helped design.

The peak wave-face height achieved is around 6.5 feet (two meters), as the reef sits further from the wave machine than The Island break, and the reef angle is less extreme.

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