Ben Player wins the 2013 Arica Chilean Challenge

May 26, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Ben Player: ready for third world title

Ben Player has conquered the 2013 GoPro IBA Arica Chilean Challenge, in perfect 6-foot barreling waves at El Gringo, Chile.

The final heat of the 2013 Arica Chilean Challenge saw Player coming up against fellow Australian and defending champion Dave Winchester, who opened with a clean barrel, followed by a massive back flip into the flats and finishing up with an ARS on the dry section of the reef.

However, Player quickly responded with a deep clean barrel to a big invert that was awarded 8.7 points. After this, it was all in Player's favor when he got a clean open barrel that was awarded 6.83 points.

Unfortunately for Winchester, things did not go that well and could not find the 7.79 needed to beat Ben Player's total combined score of 15.53 points out of a possible 20 points.

"This is the best stage for a contest, people here are great, you don't see this anywhere else. I'm so happy with this win, it puts me in a really good spot for the World title race", explains Ben Player.

The former IBA World Tour champion (2005 and 2007) had to beat Ryan Hardy and Dallas Singer to reach the final of the 2013 Arica Chilean Challenge.

Ben Player now leads the 2013 IBA Grand Slam Series with 4900 points, followed by Jeff Hubbard (3940 points), Amaury Lavernhe (3900 points) and Dave Winchester (3840 points).

2013 GoPro IBA Arica Chilean Challenge | Final

Ben Player (AUS), 15.53 pts. def. Dave Winchester (AUS), 11.83 pts