Bodyboard film festival hits Praia Grande

August 22, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Praia Grande: bodyboarding is popular in Portugal

The 3rd edition of International Festival of Cinema and Short Film of Bodyboard is hitting Praia Grande, Sintra, Portugal.

Four bodyboard movies will be screened during four summer days, between 27th-30th August 2012.

The event will be attended by the world's best bodyboarders alongside with the general public, as the Sintra Portugal Pro hits Europe's West Coast for a decisive stage of the 2012 IBA World Tour.

"Dinero Leon" is a Spanish production from the Canary Islands, while "Ring of Fire" is an American bodyboard classic. "Addiction" comes from Brazilian water and documentary "Salvemos Puerto" features losses from the natural disaster occured in Mexico.

The income collected in August 30th will be 100% donated to the campaign, which aims to help the local community of Zicatela, home to one of the most important stages of the world tour.

A series of short films, which range from producing podcasts for athletes to mini-documentaries depicting the bodyboarder's lifestyle, will be screened too, at Praia Grande.

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