Maui shark attack: when surfers help each other

A 16-year-old bodyboarder has survived a shark attack outside the Kahului Harbor breakwater in Maui, Hawaii.

The Kihei boy was bitten two times and suffered lacerations to his lower left leg, calf, foot, and ankle area.

Our hero was rescued by two pro surfers - Kai Barger and Tanner Hendrickson - who managed to get him close to the shore and applied a tourniquet to his leg to avoid blood loss.

The shark bit off much of the boy's left heel and the fin but returned and ripped the leg from knee to ankle.

Sharks are very rare in Maui.

The beach was closed within a one-mile radius from where the incident occurred.

Weather forecasters say that swimmers and surfers should take care because the discolored water increases the chances of a shark-human encounter.

Vaughn Stover is in stable condition and recovering from the shock, but he is expected to regain health soon.

This time, the rubber fin has probably saved his life. Find out more about the surf shark shield.

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