Bodyboarding: the Nomad Big Wave Awards will honor the fearless | Photo: Specker

The Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) and Nomad have teamed up to announce the sport's inaugural Big Wave Awards.

The Nomad Big Wave Awards will reward the biggest and heaviest picture or video captured between May and October, 2015. The competition is open to everyone around the globe.

"Bodyboarders are known as big wave pioneers throughout the surfing community and it's great to finally have an award that's going to recognize that," notes Nick Chandler, chairman at ABA.

"You're going to see some amazing riding from some of the best riders in the world battling it out for the $AUD2000 prize. It will be fantastic to also get some recognition for the filmers who often put their lives on the line to bring us the footage."

The Nomad Big Wave Awards will only consider waves bigger than eight feet. Judges will decide the awards after the close of the waiting period.

Judging will be made out of a total of 100 points. Within the 100 points there are sub-categories, allowing to put tow and paddle surfing against each other to create the fairest and all rounded competition.

The "Biggest Wave" will win $2,000 for the rider, and $500 for the filmer; the "Best Wipeout" will take home $500. The criteria will be broken down to the following:

10 points: Tow/Paddle;
10 Points: Size;
10 Points: Commitment and control;
10 Points: Moves and progression;
10 Points: Make or wipeout;
10 Points: Consequence;
20 Points: Overall wave (judges' overall impression of the wave);

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