Bodyboarding: there are six million boogie lovers

The International Bodyboarding Association is changing its competition matrix.

In the first part of the interview with, Gregg Taylor unveiled what Grand Slam Series (GSS) and the Global Qualifying Series (GQS) will look like.

Also, the tour will feature eight events at premium wave locations.

In the second part of the talk, the new man of the IBA Pty Ltd tells us how many bodyboarders there are in the world, the wave spots selected for the next tour, and how the wave judging criteria will be applied.

4. Is there an estimated number of bodyboarders in the world?

There are various numbers thrown around the industry, and we are working on collating an accurate figure. However, six million is the figure most often quoted.

Due to the level of accessibility of bodyboarding, the number is significant and exceeds most of the surfing genres.

5. Can you imagine bodyboarding struggling for a place in the Summer Olympic Games?

It's not in the immediate plans, and I am not sure it would be consistent with the image we are looking to portray of performance bodyboarding.

But I will not rule anything out.

6. Where are the new contest spots for the next World Tour?

The 2011 IBA World Tour is shaping up nicely with an amazing set of wave locations.

The GSS will feature eight events, including Pipeline, Hawaii, The Box Western, Australia, Arica, Chile, Puerto Escondido, Mexico, Sintra, Portugal, a soon-to-be-confirmed French colony, and the tour finishes with two events in the Canary Islands' El Confital and El Fronton.

7. Will the judging criteria of waves change?

As a result of the nature of the waves on tour, the judging will also evolve.

We have a great set of Professional judges in bodyboarding who have made major developments in recent years and will continue to progress with the tour.

Read the first part of the interview with Gregg Taylor.

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