Jarryd Wingfield: one of the best bodyboarders in the United Kingdom | Photo: Laurent Lopez

Jarryd Wingfield, one of the most talented bodyboarders in the United Kingdom, has taken his own life. He was battling depression.

The British surfing community is mourning the loss of Jarryd Wingfield. The young gun from Redruth, Cornwall, committed suicide at the age of 27.

"Our dearest Jarryd took his life on Sunday, which has left us all absolutely devastated. One thing that is clear is that Jarryd was very loved by many people," said his mother, Sophie Hawkes.

"He had been going through a tough time for several months and couldn't find a way out of his unhappiness, sadly. He can now rest in peace, and we hope to celebrate his life together in the coming days."

Wingfield started bodyboarding at the age of 16 after watching other riders having fun at Portreath. With time, he became an accomplished prone and drop-knee bodyboarder.

Jarryd was a multiple-time British Army bodyboarding champion (2012, 2013, and 2014) and was often invited on surf trips to Morocco, South Africa, the Canary Islands, and Indonesia.

Throughout his life, Jarryd Wingfield overcame injuries and kept the bodyboarding flame alive. He served in the Army, where he made many good friends.

Jarryd Wingfield will be forever missed. He is survived by his brothers, Josh and Luke, as well as his parents.

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