Bronze whaler shark: found mostly at temperate latitudes | Photo: Creative Commons

A 1.5-meter bronze whaler shark has attacked a bodyboarder, off Parsons Beach, near Adelaide, in South Australia.

Scott Berry was riding waves with a friend, at 9:45am, when the shark started circling and bit him on his torso. It all happened very fast.

"I was probably most afraid after it had actually got me once. It had me a little worried as to what's going to go on from here," explains Berry.

"It wasn't going to swallow me whole, that's for sure, but I knew he could do some damage and he could hurt."

The 39-year-old bodyboarder was helped to shore by fellow wave riders and taken to the South Coast District Hospital, at Victor Harbor. Scott Berry received seven stitches, but he says he's ready to return to the water.

"I've had my shark attack now, I should be safe from here on I can get back in the water, and you're pretty unlucky to get bitten again," he said.

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