Californian bodyboarders prepare for 2011 tour

January 18, 2011 | Bodyboarding
BIA Tour: the Californian style

The Bodyboarder International Association (BIA) has announced the schedule for the 2011 California Bodyboarding Competition. BIA is running the 15th season of contests.

Amateur competitors that choose the bulk entry package will save $65 and are not required to mail in an entry form for every event.

In the 2010 tour, Ryley Colle (Pro Open) and Jeff Vycital (Pro DK) took the main titles of this classic bodyboarding event.

This time, all riders will be looking for good wave rides, starting the Pro/Am heats at Wave House, on the 5th March. The 2011 BIA Tour ends in Huntington Beach on September 11th.

The full schedule goes like this:

Event #1
Wave House, 5th March

Event #2
Seaside, 16th April

Event #3
Salt Creek, 7th May

Event #4
Imperial Beach, 11th June

Event #5
Golden West, 6th August

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