Can anyone stop Harley Ward from getting barreled?

February 26, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Harley Ward: a Shipstern Bluff connoisseur | Photo: Geoff Swan

Do you consider yourself a successful barrel rider? Remember that the party isn't over till Harley Ward finishes his things.

"This was the funnest morning ever!" reveals the Shipstern Bluff connoisseur. And you can easily confirm his words. In "One Lucky Day," Ward never wets his hair in the cavernous Tasmanian tubes.

Midway through the insane video you yell "Stop the madness!" But he won't stop. One wave after another, the tallest bodyboarder in the region keeps defying the liquid monster.

"A couple of friends and I had our eye on the swell a few days out and decided to keep it super quiet. We ended up scoring it to ourselves. It was just a really good group of friends going wave-for-wave," he told our friends at Riptide Magazine.

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